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27/10/2017 COMBAT-SCHOOL (8-14yrs) class. read more »
27/10/2017 WEAPONS-SCHOOL. read more »
26/10/2017 Adults KAZE ARASHI RYU classes. read more »

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27/10/2017 COMBAT-SCHOOL (8-14yrs) class.


SAMURAI HEARTS are offering spaces at our Beginners class!

For ages 8-14yrs.
This is a unique class, covering: Kicks, Blocks, Strikes, Pins, Takedowns, Throws, Controls, Releasing/repelent techniques, escapes.
Also very good for: Confidence, Coordination, Attitude, Respect, Manners and Behaviour.

Limited spaces please call to claim your read more »

27/10/2017 WEAPONS-SCHOOL.



The children will learn the traditional weapons of the Samurai (wooden not real).

This is taught in a controlled professional environment.

Limited numbers so call 07866909703 to claim your FREE session!





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26/10/2017 Adults KAZE ARASHI RYU classes.


KAZE ARASHI RYU, always amazes me nomatter how long ive been training.

Classes are NOT TO Be MISSED.

If your intersted come down for a FREE session, get involved and ask any questions you may have.

We look forward to your visit.

Andy Abernethie Sensei KAR Senior Instructor.

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