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STRIKE-SCHOOL School Club's.


SPECIAL OFFER! Look out for our special FREE training TOKENS, available in ALL school clubs.
if your well behaived, listen, respect others and train hard, your Instructor well give you a TOKEN, this is a great opportunity to train at our professional Martial Arts centre on Freeman St.

SAMURAI HEARTS is currently in 12 schools in the North/North East Lincolnshire area.

The sessions are, 

MONDAYS:  8am-8:45am           KEELBY PRIMARY.  (breakfast club)

TUESDAYS: 8am-8:45am           THRUNSCOE ACADEMY    (breakfast club)

TUESDAYS: 3:30pm-4:30pm     SCARTHO JUNIORS ACADEMY    (after school club)

TUESDAYS:  3:30pm-4:30pm     CAISTOR C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL      (after schoool club)

WEDNESDAYS: 8am-8:45am       YARBOROUGH ACADEMY  (breakfast club)

WEDNESDAYS: 3:30pm-4:30pm  WYBERS WOOD ACADEMY   (after school club)

WEDNESDAYS: 3:30pm-4:30pm  SIGNHILLS INFANTS ACADEMY (after school club)

THURSDAYS: 8am-8:45am          WALTHAM LEAS ACADEMY  (breakfast club)

THURSDAYS: 3:30pm-4:30pm    SIGNHILLS JUNIORS ACADEMY  (after school club)

FRIDAYS: 8am-8:45am                ENFIELD PRIMARY  (breakfast club)

FRIDAYS: 8am-8:45am                WOOTTEN ST ANDREW'S ACADEMY (breakfast club)

FRIDAYS: 1:30pm-2:30pm          (WESTERN PRIMARY) year 3s golden time session.

FRIDAYS: 3:15pm-4:15pm          WOODLANDS ACADEMY (after school club)

BLUE = students pay for the club in cash at the beginning of each term.
BLACK = school pay for the classes and charge the students.
RED = curriculum time P.E. session.

If your child is intersted inany of the above clubs, please either contact myself (07866909703) or call the school office, as we take on new students all the time.

Children coming to the school clubs will benifit from: 
Discipline, being healthy, being part of a club environment, hand/eye coordination, building core body muscles, keeping fit and concentration which helps in all aspects of life especially with schooling.

We teach children with Special Educational Needs, Physical/Mental Disabilibies and Children that are disruptive in class, the classes include lots of discipline and positives with the groupes and they all benifit lots from the sessions.

There are lots of Karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Mma in the area but Samurai Hearts is a unique Martial Arts System and not taught to Children anywhere else in the UK.
So remember your learning something very special!
Samurai Hearts is taken from Kaze Arashi Ryu in which there are only 6 clubs throughout the UK.

Samurai Hearts do not discriminate against anybody, race or ability.

Samurai Hearts have Accreditation with  N.A.K.M.A.S. "Safe Kids' Campaign.


Please call 07866909703 or email, of you require any more information.