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                                                 From a Samurai Hearts students, Parents.

Our son began training with the Samurai Hearts school club in 2008, enjoyed it so much that from there he joined the club and began training in the Dojo every Wednesday and Sunday night.
As parents of a child we had tried to give a wide range of experiences to, so, and martial arts, it soon became clear of his choice of passion. Almost 4 yrs years on, he is currently training at purple belt level and looking forward to another grading soon for the weapons class he attends on Friday nights.

The club has proven to be a first class service to not only ourselves, but to our community, and the students who attend are a credit to the continual high standards that Andy Abernethie Sensei aspires to.
In a friendly but disciplined environment, we have seen first hand the positive change in confidence, attitude, and personality, that being a member of the club has meant to Dylan.
We cannot praise highly enough the professionalism of Samurai Hearts, and the level of commitment Andy and his senior members show to all students who attend.
Chris & Tim
Thrunscoe Primary School ‘Samurai Hearts’ Martial Arts Club
“Samurai Hearts” Martial Arts Club has run very successfully within Thrunscoe School for over three years.
Under the excellent instruction of Andy Abernethie pupils have been provided with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills required to undertake a structured martial arts programme which has been specifically created to meet the needs of children.
Regular attendance at the club has impacted on individual pupils in many ways; greater self discipline, improved hand-eye co-ordination and increased self confidence being key benefits.
‘Samurai Hearts’ has proved itself to be very popular and fully inclusive within school, allowing access to all pupils including those with specific Special Educational Needs.
Club members are keen to share there views about the club
I like going to Martial Arts because it’s fun and challenging.
                                                                                              Yr 6 pupil
I like pushing myself to get higher tags towards my next belt.”
                                                                                               Yr 3 pupil
I like Andy. He makes it interesting and good fun
                                                                                            Yr 4 pupil
Jill Goodwin