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KAZE ARASHI RYU Classes (over 14s)




This section is Separate from SAMURAI HEARTS, this is the Japanese form of Martial Arts which SAMURAI HEARTS is taken.

The Martial Art is called KAZE ARASHI RYU, and Abernethie Sensei has been learning and teaching this system for 15 years. Please look in the Instructor's section for more information on Abernethie Sensei's history.

KAZE ARASHI RYU, is split into 4 arts for learning purposes, these arts are:-

ATEMI-JUTSU Striking, kicking and parrying art of the Samurai.
AIKI-JUJUTSU Throwing, pinning, controling, unbalacing and pressure/nerve points.
KEN-JUTSU covering 3 different lengths of bladed weapon.
JO-JUTSU covering 3 different lengths of staff.

The Grimsby branch of KAZE ARASHI RYU is one of only 6 clubs in the UK so it is a very unique system to the area and is strictly over 14s.
If your interested in any aspects of KAR please contact Andy on 07866909703 or come for a FREE taster session.


7:30pm - 9pm (empty hand arts)

Wednesdays 7:30pm till 9pm (empty hand arts)

Fridays 5:45pm - 7:15pm (weapons arts)

Please see below some pictures of Seminars and Training sessions.

BELOW Isabella Goodwin and Dylan Young after their Oku Iri (BLACK BELT) Grading in November 2014.
They have both trained with me regularly for 7 years, now 15 they are probably the youngest KAR Oku Iri's


BELOW! Grading Examiners, David Malvern Sensei, Paul Ocallaghan Sensei (UKKAR Chief Instructor) 
and Andy Anernethie Sensei pictured after Oku Iri Grading.


BELOW! Me and Vilaire Sensei at the Grimsby Dojo, May 2014.


BELOW! Sunday Group.


BELOW! Saturday Seminar Group, Grimsby May 2014.


BELOW! Some UK Instructors with Vilaire Sensei, May 2014.


BELOW! Some of the Grimsby Club, with Vilaire Sensei after a recent visit to the Grimsby Dojo. May 2014.


Kaze Arashi Ryu Grading pictures 17th October 2010, well done guys.



Joe's Oku Iri Presentation, recieving his Black Obi.


                              Recent Visit by Ocallaghan Sensei (UKKAR Chief Instructor) July 2010.


See Below Group shot of Vilaire Sensei's visit to the Grimsby Dojo, 17th June 2009.

 If you require and infomation on KAZE ARASHI RYU please email,  Or call 07866909703.

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