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Samurai Hearts - Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

WELCOME TO SAMURAI HEARTS MARTIAL ARTS and FITNESS CENTRE, one of the finest Martial Arts Training and fitness Centres in the area.

The Centre officially opened its doors on the 1st of July 2012, by the Mayor of Grimsby Councillor Mike Burton.

On the ground floor area there is a FITNESS STUDIO used by the Vertikal Pole Grimsby club for their very busy and successful Pole Fitness club. We have a seated viewing area for parents, so you can watch your children train on the screen through CCTV, have a drink and relax while you wait. We have drinks and snacks also available.

On the ground floor also we have GRIMSBY THERAPY CENTRE a Professional Sports Therapy Room where we cover soft tissue injuries, injury rehabilitation, re-alignment of scar tissue, sports massage, stretching advice, kinesio taping, and nutritional advice.

The Dojo to the 1st floor is a fully equipped authentic professional traditional martial arts dojo with male and female changing rooms and toilets.

In the DOJO we teach, dedicated Samurai Martial Arts to Children (3½ -14yrs) called SAMURAI HEARTS Martial Arts, which is split into 3 categories:-
STRIKE-SCHOOL (striking art of the Samurai)
COMBAT-SCHOOL (throwing, controlling, pinning)
WEAPONS-SCHOOL (weapons arts of the Samurai).

At our children’s classes children will learn, behaviour, discipline, attitude, respect, manners, fitness, flexibility and coordination.
All our instructors are qualified, first aiders and have DBS disclosures.
SAMURAI HEARTS is a child friendly version of the main art KAZE ARASHI RYU.
We also work in 20+ Primary Schools in the local area teaching various clubs throughout the day mainly after school clubs.

We have dedicated adult’s classes in traditional Samurai Arts and we are a national school for KAZE ARASHI RYU.
KAR is a traditional Samurai Martial Arts system involving
(ATEMI-JUTSU) Striking, Kicking & Parrying.
(AIKI-JUJUTSU) Throwing, Controlling, Pinning, Pressure/Nerve Points.
(KEN-JUTSU) The Art of 3 different lengths of Blade and
(JO-JUTSU) the Art of 3 different lengths of staff.

Other activities/clubs we have at our centre are:-
SHOTOKAN KARATE club for all ages.
TAI CHI with a qualified instructor of the Master Ding Academy.
With YOGA for the more flexible.
BOXFIT covering aspects of fitness through group sessions pad work & personal training.

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If you require any more information please call the Centre on 01472 356826 and leave a message or call Business Owner/Chief Instructor Andy Abernethie on 07866909703.

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